COSTA MESA, CA recently unveiled a new way for the industry to instantaneously connect with consumers, as new- and used-vehicle shoppers can now access the site through their iPhone products.

By using their iPhone 3G, first generation iPhone, or iPod touch, consumers can check out new- and used-vehicle prices at, giving them detailed information while they’re on the go.

According to officials, iPhone and iPod touch users can view invoice and price information on 2008 and 2009 model-year vehicles, tailoring pricing data to specific options, as well as exterior and interior colors. Additionally, consumers can access pricing information on vehicles from 1989 or newer. Photographs are also available through the site for both new and used vehicles.

To access the main site,, and view such features as vehicle specifications, video reviews, and pricing for boats, classic cars, or ATVs, users simply touch the National Automobile Dealers Association icon.