CLAYTON, NC – ADESA Raleigh’s three-lane, whole-car auction has just held its grand opening.

The auction, which officially opened in late April, is already offering about 450 vehicles each Friday morning and attracts about 300 dealers weekly. At the grand opening event, dealers and other industry professionals shared their thoughts on the industry’s climate and the grand opening of ADESA Raleigh, according to Auto Remarketing magazine.

Discussing the state of the auto market, many dealers indicated that their customers are unquestionably shifting from gas-guzzling SUVs, and big trucks to smaller, more gas-efficient vehicles. And they also said they’re attracted to ADESA Raleigh because it’s closer to home, which means they themselves can save money by not having to travel as far to buy the inventory they need or to transport their units to or from their stores.

One auction attendee said they were looking for the same thing that everyone else wanted: more four-cylinder, mid-range 2004, 2005, 2006 import-type cars that get better gas mileage.

ADESA Raleigh has already established itself as a strong dealer-based sale among both franchise dealers and independent dealers. And the auction is also looking to ramp up its burgeoning fleet/lease business and commercial clients.