GAINESVILLE, GA - Black Book reports that the market trends seen during the past several months are continuing, as the truck market has once again experienced a higher rate of depreciation in the past three months than in the previous rolling three month period, and the passenger car segments had smaller drops in values than in prior months.

As expected, the price of gasoline can be identified as the driving force behind these patterns.

Since this time last year, the overall full size domestic and import truck segments have depreciated -25.7% and -23.5% respectively, which is 6-7% greater than what is normally seen. The particular segments with the greatest annual year over year depreciation were full-size pickups (-27%), full-size SUVs (-27%), luxury SUVs (-26%), prestige luxury cars (-26%), luxury level cars (-25%), and mid-size SUVs (-25%).

The market segments with the lowest depreciation for the past year were the entry level mid-size cars, compact cars, upper mid-size cars, sporty cars, mid-size pickups and compact pickups, which declined anywhere from 12-17%.

Narrowing our focus to include only the last quarter, the segments with the smallest dollar depreciation amounts were compact cars, entry mid-size cars, and upper mid-size cars, all dropping less than $300 during the past 3 months. The worst five segments, which averaged a decline of $2,333 during the past 3 months, included prestige luxury cars, premium sporty cars, luxury SUVs, full-size SUVs, and full-size pickups.

Ricky Beggs, vice president and managing editor, commented: “Hybrid vehicles are one of the few bright spots in the market, as their premium over similar gasoline only versions has increased dramatically in recent wholesale transactions. Ten of the twelve hybrid players available as 2007 models retained value better than or roughly equal to their purely gasoline powered counterparts. When looking at the eight models that were available in 2006, seven of the hybrid versions did equal to, or better than, the gasoline only version. Three of the 2006 hybrid models, and five of the 2007s, actually increased in value during the past three months. The Prius, which is available only as a hybrid, was the past three month’s value leader with increases of $1850 and $1800 respectively for 2007 and 2006 models between the first of March 2008 through the end of May 2008.”