BIRMINGHAM, AL - AutoTec president Chuck Redden has announced a promotional partnership between AuctionACCESS and Black Book.

The offer gives AuctionACCESS members the latest premium-level Black Book Daily Internet or Hand-Held subscription at the lower weekly rate. This ensures that AuctionACCESS members have the latest vehicle pricing data and represents a savings of up to $99.

“It’s a perfect match,” Redden said. “AuctionACCESS and Black Book are both essential tools for used car dealers and managers as they search farther and look harder to find the inventory they need to maintain profitability. When we heard that Black Book was introducing daily pricing updates, we thought it was something AuctionACCESS members could really use to make better, more-informed buying decisions in the lanes.”

The Black Book Daily offer joins other AuctionACCESS member benefits, including auction travel accident insurance through Chubb and an identity theft protection service through Travelers.

AutoTec introduced AuctionACCESS 10 years ago to help dealers and their representatives register at auctions quickly so they could get into the lanes faster. Today the AuctionACCESS product is in its third generation, offering more-powerful tools to ensure member security and providing streamlined access to more than 180 wholesale auto auctions and online channels across North America.