DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – JMsolutions has announced results of a study that shows cars sell up to nine days faster with Carfax Vehicle History Reports.

Dealers who run Carfax Reports within JMsolutions’ AAX used-vehicle inventory management solution prior to retail lower vehicle turn by five days on average. Vehicles that are identified as Carfax 1-Owner cars turn nine days faster.

In addition, the study, based on more than 52,000 vehicles retailed by dealers using AAX, shows a lift in resale value when dealers run a Carfax Report within AAX before retailing a vehicle. The combined inventory cost reduction and resale lift nets dealers a minimum $250 increase per car.

“As this study shows, dealers that include a Carfax Vehicle History Report with their retail units increase vehicle sales rates and profitability,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. “Our dealer customers make better decisions about the cars they put on their lot by running a Carfax Report through inventory systems like AAX. Just as important, dealers have Carfax Reports automatically linked to their vehicle listings almost anywhere online, giving consumers greater confidence to buy.”

Results from previous studies by GE Fleet Services and Liquid Motors showed similar results about the impact of Carfax Reports on vehicle resale value and inventory turn. More than 32,000 dealers provide free Carfax Vehicle History Reports for vehicles on their lot or listed online at places like,, and Yahoo! Autos to build consumer confidence.