CENTREVILLE, VA – Acura and Honda have joined the Carfax Service Link program. Service and maintenance information will be reported to Carfax for vehicles serviced by Acura and Honda dealers participating in Carfax Service Link.

The free program creates a virtual directory of trusted dealerships that new owners can bring their car back to for maintenance.

“The Carfax Service Link program gives further affirmation to our customers that they’re purchasing a high-quality, well-maintained Acura vehicle,” said Dan Crowe, automobile remarketing manager for American Honda. “It’s another value-add from Carfax that helps participating Acura dealers better meet customer needs and, ultimately, sell more vehicles.”

Acura and Honda encourages their dealers to participate in the Carfax Service Link program. More than 80 Acura locations already report their service information to Carfax. This free enhancement puts any participating dealership’s name on the Carfax Report of each vehicle they service. Dealership contact information and a Web site link appear alongside each service record on Carfax Reports to help dealers retain these vehicles in their service cycle.

“In today’s economy, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to maximize your profitability,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. “People are more likely to have their cars serviced at a place that is already familiar with the vehicle. Participating dealers can advertise their service centers for free on Carfax Vehicle History Reports, bringing car owners back for future maintenance and ultimately increasing revenue for the dealership.”

Carfax Service Link is a free program that’s open to any dealership. For more information about Carfax Service Link, visit www.carfaxonline.com, or e-mail servicelink@carfax.com.