GAINESVILLE, GABlack Book has launched daily updates to its industry standard used-vehicle valuation products.

These daily updates are now available in its full range of electronic offerings, including PDAs, Smart Phones, BlackBerry devices, micro browsers, Web-enabled cell phones, Internet Xpress suite, data feeds, custom applications, and online trade appraisal services.

Tom Cross, president of Black Book, said, “Everyone knows that the economy has softened dramatically and that the automobile industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors. Franchised dealers have begun to shift their focus more toward their used vehicle operations as their sales and profit margins on the new car side of the business have come under increased pressure. While used cars generally represent better profit opportunities, margins in all areas of automotive retailing have grown razor thin, and it has become more important than ever to know exactly what a vehicle is worth on any given day. Successful dealers are becoming more and more sophisticated — just as Wall Street investment bankers wouldn’t rely on old financial data, dealers now have the option to receive our timely, independent, and accurate information updated on a daily basis.”