CINCINNATI – OneCommand, (, formerly known as CallCommand, has become a corporate sponsor of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD).

Founded in 1980, NAMAD has more than 650 member dealers and aims to increase opportunities for ethnic minorities in all aspects of the automotive industry.

OneCommand has partnered with NAMAD to offer its personalized communication solutions and consulting services at a preferred rate with the goal of helping their dealers increase market share and revenue and decrease costs by increasing customer loyalty.

OneCommand has established an internal team of seven industry experts specifically to assist with this new minority dealer initiative.

OneCommand’s OneConnect integrates advanced consumer data segmentation with personalized communications across multiple channels including voice, direct media, personalized Web sites, e-mail, and mobile marketing channels. All communications can be designed and coordinated from a single console to be sent to the customer by their preferred method of communication with just a few clicks of a mouse. OneConnect is supported by a nationwide network of more than 100 field support personnel.

With OneConnect, a dealership can administer all its campaigns through a single console, providing dealers a turn-key solution through which they can manage what the dealership wants to say, the channel of communication it wants to use balanced by the consumer’s channel of preference, and then receive real-time reports so the dealership can track success and ROI for each campaign.