ROSWELL, GA – Joe Hollar has been named AutoVIN’s vice president of sales and service. Hollar joined AutoVIN in January 2007 and has served in a number of positions, including his previous role as AutoVIN’s director of sales and service, U.S. Prior to joining AutoVIN, Hollar had a 29-year career at UPS.

Other personnel changes include the promotion of Andrew Snetsinger to director of sales and marketing, North America; hiring of Mike Connolly and Dan Krystiniak as national account managers; and the transferring of Robin DeMaio from her role of manager of DCFirst with ADESA to her new role at AutoVIN as customer service, quality assurance, and call center manager.

Snetsinger joined AutoVIN in May 1999 as AutoVIN’s first Canadian employee in the capacity of field manager. He quickly rose through the ranks of the operational group and played a significant role in building the team in Canada. In 2004, Snetsinger transitioned to the sales and marketing department as national account manager.

Prior to joining AutoVIN, Connolly spent 12 years with SGS Automotive, where he worked his way through the organization to serve in a number of positions, including the company’s president.

Krystiniak has successfully held various positions within AutoVIN during the past nine years, including roles such as regional manager, national operations coordinator, and director of field operations for the United States and Canada. Krystiniak’s previous experience prior to joining AutoVIN included automotive engineering and associated race application work for 17 years.

With more than 20 years of customer service and call center management, working with industry leaders such as MBNA, DeMaio brings leadership to AutoVIN’s core business.