ATLANTA has enhanced the functionality of its suite of online tools. Many of the enhancements focus on’s New Car offerings to provide customers with a one-stop “shopping” experience to research, compare, and find the best car to purchase.

Major site enhancements include:

Enhanced “Research and Compare” functionality, including consumer-generated car reviews, 360-degree interior and exterior spin views, new car photos with color-change capability, and additional content and articles about specific car makes and models. also gives car buyers the opportunity to search for and view both new and used cars vs. splitting searches into just “new” or “used” categories.

Lifestyle Central “interest centers.” The first three of these “Lifestyle” centers – “Going Green,” “Family Focus,” and “Trend Watch” – allow car buyers to learn more about specific car segments and to search for new, used, and certified pre-owned cars in these specific categories. For instance, a buyer seeking information about hybrid and other high-fuel-efficiency vehicles could learn more about these cars in the “Going Green” lifestyle center and then search for cars in this sector. “Family Focus” is aimed at buyers looking for large automobiles to meet family transportation needs, and “Trend Watch” is for customers searching for cars with the very latest in design and options. Two additional lifestyle centers — “Work & Play” focuses on SUVs and recreational vehicles, and “Smart Saver” is aimed at people looking for the best deal possible — will launch in February.

Redesigned search results page. These redesigned pages, which compile the cars a buyer has searched for, now feature larger thumbnail photos and more comprehensive listing information and functionality.