WEST FARGO , N.D. – ServNet celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2008. ServNet is the brainchild of several independent auction owners who, 20 years ago, developed the idea for forming a cooperative marketing network while participating in a Performance Group sponsored by the National Auto Auction Association. They talked of forming an alliance to share ideas and to promote their auctions on a national level.

At its beginning in 1988, ServNet included eight auctions, all independent members of the NAAA Performance Group where the discussions had started. Two decades later, ServNet includes 18 auctions.

Over the course of two decades, ServNet has evolved in both scope and breadth, establishing itself as a network of the nation’s top auctions, setting standards for best practices, building effective partnerships with auction customers, and facilitating a level of communication that benefits both the member auctions and consignors from coast to coast.

This year, ServNet’s board unveiled a new administrative management structure, announcing a strategic alliance with TPC Management Company. TPC Management will provide ServNet with a full-time executive and administrative staff, headed by Pierre Pons serving as ServNet’s chief executive officer; Richard Curtis as executive vice president, Industry Relations; Tom Stewart, as executive vice president, Business Development; and Penny Wanna, as office manager.

TPC management has had a long relationship with ServNet, having served as management recruiter for the group and providing consulting services to a number of its member auctions.