ATLANTA – Manheim Portugal recently expanded its services to customers with the opening of a new facility in Lisbon, the country’s largest city. The grand opening was celebrated with a sale that featured 750 vehicles and attracted 700 buyers.

“The Lisbon team did a terrific job pulling together an unbelievable event,” said John Bailey, Manheim CEO, UK and Europe. “Dealers lined up outside the facility 30 minutes before the sale opened, and they were still coming through the doors three hours after the sale began. We’re pleased that our new location is quickly meeting the needs of our customers.”

The sale was held Oct. 30 and featured units from GE, Leaseplan and other consignors. A total of 400 vehicles were sold, including 90 percent of the 200 units offered by GE.

Manheim Portugal’s Lisbon facility is 324,000 square feet and equipped with two lanes.

Manheim will host sales every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at the Lisbon facility.