ATLANTA – The Total Resource Auctions network of salvage wholesale auctions has expanded to 37 locations nationwide with the addition of two new operating locations in Fresno, Calif., and Clarksville, Ind.

“We are making every effort to accommodate our customers by opening new Total Resource Auctions locations across the nation,” said Tom Hammer, national director of operations, Total Resource Auctions. “The addition of Total Resource Louisville in Clarksville and Total Resource Central California in Fresno brings us closer to our customers in these regions.”

Total Resource Central California, the second Total Resource Auctions location to open in the state, held its first sale Oct. 5. Sales are held at the Manheim Central California, formerly Fresno Auto Dealer’s Auction, operating location on the first and third Fridays of each month at 10 a.m., offering more than 100 inoperable and damaged vehicles, with the number expected to increase in the near future.

“Our first sale was a great success,” said Henry Cadle, general manager of Manheim Central California. “The dealers who attended were very excited because they know Manheim offers them the best customer service. We are ecstatic to finally have a Total Resource Auctions sale at Manheim Central California.”

Sales at Total Resource Louisville are held every other Wednesday at 9 a.m. at Manheim Louisville, formerly Louisville Auto Auction, in Clarksville, Ind. Each sale features 100 late-model salvage and inoperable vehicles.