BRENTWOOD, TN – Acacia Automotive, Inc. has entered into a strategic alliance with Vemark, LLC to license a new generation of operating software for its expanding demands.

Vemark has been a leading provider of operating system software in the salvage auction business, and is “partnering” with Acacia to roll out a modern and innovative platform for the auction industry.

“This system promises to become the benchmark of the industry, and Acacia is the perfect vehicle to make it happen,” said Tony Moorby, the company’s president and COO. “Vemark’s SNaps operating system, when tailored to our specific needs, will immediately launch us into the fast lane with this unique set of applications for the first time ever to be made available outside the realm of the top two players in the game.

Acacia will be at the forefront of technology with an Internet-based operating system, real-time access to information from one or any combination of our auctions at the touch of a button, and an array of services and capabilities that is limitless. Their BidCentral feature will enable state-of-the art simulcast and upstream selling tools that will add fantastic new dimensions to our services.”

Acacia and Vemark expect to roll out the system early in Q4 of this year at Acacia’s Augusta Auto Auction.