TAUNTON, MA — The City Council is expected to discuss auto sales license for Adesa Impact of Myricks Street,according to a report in www.enterprise.southofboston.com.

About three years ago, Adesa was involved in installing a water line to the Matthews Landing subdivision after PCB contaminants from its property leaked into the ground.

Wells in the subdivision had been contaminated, and Adesa had worked with its neighbors and the council to remedy the problem in order to have its license renewed.

At a council meeting, Mayor Charles Crowley read a petition requesting the Police and License Committee review Adesa's license, which had been granted as a Class III license rather than the Class II license the state requires of Adesa to sell autos at auction. Adesa also sells auto parts.

Taunton restricts the number of Class II licenses it grants.

Debra Botellio, a member of the Police and License Committee, said she wants “the solicitor's opinion whether or not Adesa still needs a Class II license if they are selling cars without wheels on the street.”

“If Adesa does need the Class II license, the council is not bound by the current list since they would be righting a mistake on the license that Adesa was granted” according to City Solicitor Steve Torres.

Botellio noted that before granting any license she wants to know the impact on neighbors and the number of cars being sold.

“I know there is a Class II waiting list, and I'd have to adhere to the waiting list. Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” said Botellio.