RENO, NV - Auctions International Inc. (OTC: AUCI), a technology company that owns and markets proprietary software to enable real-time online auctions of virtually any product or commodity for use by the wholesale market, has launched its AutoBidLive ("ABL") website auction platform at, according to

"Since we began trading on June 27, 2007, we have been diligently preparing for the release of our first technology application, AutoBidLive. We are extremely pleased to announce our revolutionary live auction platform is operating online and already has attracted key members of the wholesale automotive market community. With this launch, we've reached our first key milestone in demonstrating the reliability and marketability of

our technology," said president of Auctions International Inc. Douglas Mann.

Aimed at the more than 65,000 North American dealerships and companies associated with the used vehicle market, such as rental companies, financial institutions, and insurance companies, ABL creates a virtualtrading floor open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dealers can easily sign up on the ABL website for free and post as many vehicles they desire with as many photos as they wish and with as much detail that they feel will help to get to the right buyer, all at no cost.

ABL saves the dealership and the pre-owned vehicle manager time by listing the vehicle directly on an established buying network. All the dealer has to do is select the highest posted bid. At that point the vehicle is sold. If the vehicle does not sell, there is no charge for ABL's services, a sharp contrast to other online auction services that charge a listing fee plus a transaction fee with even one single bid, regardless if the item is sold.