DES PLAINES, IL – Wheels, Inc. has enhanced its WheelsDirect program to support offering active vehicles — those that are not scheduled for replacement — to be sold via the company’s online driver and employee sales program.

Launched several years ago, the WheelsDirect Web-based application provides clients with an easy-to-use tool that offers vehicles that are being replaced and coming off-lease to the driver and other employees for purchase. With more than 8,000 vehicles sold via the program, net sales through WheelsDirect currently exceed $60 million.

The purchase process through WheelsDirect begins when clients post available vehicles to the Wheels Web site via its FleetView online fleet management program. Designed to make the purchase process as smooth as possible, WheelsDirect provides multiple online tools to support vehicle financing, servicing, and relocation. Clients can create real-time quotes to help make the purchase decision and, assuming there are plans to remarket the vehicle through other channels if it isn’t purchased via WheelsDirect, clients are automatically notified if no purchase takes place by a preset termination date.