ATLANTA – Manheim’s Fort Worth Vehicle Auction hosted its first-ever mobile home sale on Jul. 12, helping to sell all of the units offered by CIT, a key customer, according to the Web site

“CIT provided us with a great opportunity to sell their units, and we are thrilled about the results they achieved,” said Patti Bailey, Fort Worth Vehicle Auction general manager. “We look forward to working with the licensed manufactured home dealers and establishing our presence in this growing industry.”

Of the 27 units sold, 22 received bids that went over CIT’s floor prices. More than 50 bidders attended the auction, and one unit was sold via Manheim Simulcast — an Internet-based system that allows dealers to buy and sell vehicles online that are moving through live auction lanes. Manheim’s Fort Worth Vehicle Auction runs boats and RVs at auction for CIT on a monthly basis, but this was the first time Manheim worked with the customer on this opportunity.

Manheim’s Fort Worth Vehicle Auction will host its next manufactured home sale on Sept. 13, at 2 p.m.