MILL VALLEY, CA – ChannelNet has been selected by Audi Financial Services (AFS) to develop a Web-based marketing solution that will provide a highly personalized experience for its end-of-lease consumers. ChannelNet’s Personalized Lease End Microsite solution received top honors in the 2006 Interactive Media Awards and has been deployed by multiple OEM captive finance companies over the past 18 months. The project will launch in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Using their SiteBuilder technology, ChannelNet will deploy an integrated network of personalized Web sites that are designed to guide AFS consumers through a seamless end-of-lease process. AFS’ primary goal is to re-engage customers nearing the end of their lease terms, to both increase sales and reduce costs associated with retaining their lessee customer base.

The process provides each AFS lease-end consumer with a unique site to which they are directed via existing direct mail and e-mail campaigns. Once engaged, the process will draw on lease information from AFS’s database, vehicle specifications, and individual customer input in order to customize Web content and target messaging. The solution is also designed to help sell new vehicles by generating qualified leads for dealers and promote complimentary products and services. Additionally, it will allow AFS to collect critical information regarding the customers’ future intent.