SAN DIEGO, CA-- Contrary to what most people believe and often practice, here's a fitting example of not always having to give in order to receive. No revelation of any personal information is publicly exposed in the business model of, "Your Private Site for Public Sales." This new web-based entity blends together cyber and physical elements to create a unique "public firewall" which provides a more secure, efficient resource for private party vehicle sellers.

Personal contact information is conveniently transformed into an anonymous, five-digit seller ID number and subsequently used to identify a vehicle for sale, and to discretely communicate with interested buyers using a toll-free number and e-mail. All the essential sales tools,

including two highly-visible display signs, are supplied by service. Text message notification also is included to help promote a timely response. To eliminate searching, direct access to a seller's "autobiography" page can be achieved through the "Express

Connect" fields located throughout the site.

The all-inclusive listing price for this private-party-only service is $59 and includes multiple photo uploads, two advertising display signs with graphic accessories, discrete communication resources including private voicemail, e-mail, text notification, and a non-renewable sales listing duration of 45 days.

Entrepreneur Michael Clements, creator of the site, believes is an ideal fit in today's cautious environment. "Consumers know their car is worth more than the trade-in value offered, yet they hesitate to place ads requiring mandatory public disclosure of personal information in order to sell it on their own," Clements says. "Our objective is to supply secure, efficient sales resources ensuring sellers '20/20' public visibility on their vehicle with zero exposure of themselves."

"According to a recent article in The Los Angeles Times, more than 40 million used cars change hands annually in the United States," says Clements. "The advantages of this innovative approach to private party sales are obvious -- sellers can confidently make a more earnest attempt to sell their own vehicle and realize the added gain without having to endure

the unwanted side effects often associated with publishing personal information."