MENLO PARK, CA – GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services Canada (GE) will extend its online remarketing program, Click, throughout western Canada. GE, a global provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management services, partnered with ATC-Onlane two years ago to power Click, which was initially launched in Ontario, and then extended to Quebec in June of last year. Based on the success of Click in these two provinces, GE has firmly established the program as an integral part of the company’s multi-channel remarketing strategy.

The Click Web site allows dealers to notify GE about off-lease vehicles over the Internet, while also giving them the power to view, select, and purchase vehicles online. The entire Click process takes place within a four- to five-day cycle, and the off-lease vehicles are sold via the Internet from the grounding location to dealers across Canada.

GE has reported more than 20 million dollars in upstream remarketing sales via Click since the program launched in December 2005. More than 50 percent of these vehicles were sold to buyers in other provinces, with many being shipped to Western retail markets. In addition, GE sells over 70 percent of all vehicles listed on the Click site.