MENLO PARK, CA – ATC-Onlane has announced several new incentives for dealers flooring vehicle purchases on ATC Open ( From March 1 through April 30, dealers can take advantage of financing from the company’s floorplan partners, including Automotive Finance Company (AFC), Auto Use, Dealer Services Corp. (DSC), and Flex Fund.

By partnering with key floor plan companies, ATC-Onlane enables its customer base to buy the cars of their choice online. This allows dealers the flexibility to pick and choose which cars best complement their existing inventory. And by working with a range of different floor plan sources, dealers have many different finance options that will best suit their individual dealership needs.

As a result of ATC-Onlane’s partnership with AFC, a capital funding source for the used-car industry, dealers can now take advantage of a “no floorplan access fee” on all fleet unit purchases for the initial floorplan term, a savings of up to $110. Through this incentive, the first-term access fee is completely waived, even if the dealer only floors the vehicle for one term. After the first term, standard fees and interest rate schedules apply. Separately, dealers who finance with Auto Use, an independent finance company, can benefit from zero-percent interest on all purchases for the first 30 days.

DSC is also offering an incentive for dealers on floorplan access fees. Typically, the floorplan access fee costs $65 for the first term (usually 45 days) plus daily interest. During the time of the incentive, DSC is offering a $60 floorplan access fee for 60 days plus a reduced interest rate of 2.5-percent over prime for all units sold on ATC Open.

A new partner of ATC-Onlane, Flex Fund Financial Services provides a completely different pricing model that relies on flat rates instead of fees and interest for flooring vehicles. By paying for a purchase on ATC Open via Flex Fund, dealers can now capitalize on a 50 percent discount on floorplanning costs from the standard fee schedule for their first three purchases.