SCHAUMBURG, IL – AutoCheck Score summarizes information on AutoCheck vehicle history reports into one score. A vehicle’s individualized AutoCheck Score – a number from one to 99 – is based on information contained in Experian Automotive’s AutoCheck vehicle history reports specific to a car’s VIN. The AutoCheck Score rates the quality of a vehicle’s history compared to all used vehicles on the road (after 1981) and also provides a relative comparison to vehicles of the similar model year and vehicle class.

Select dealers and online portal partners will begin rolling out AutoCheck Score through AutoCheck and AutoCheck Express in the spring. The feature will be available on all AutoCheck vehicle history reports this summer.

Experian Automotive's vehicle history reports are powered by its National Vehicle database, which has information on more than half a billion vehicles nationwide. Experian researchers developed the patent-pending AutoCheck Score algorithm by studying the histories of more than two million vehicles. Some of the factors used in determining the AutoCheck Score include vehicle age, number of owners over time, and whether the vehicle meets AutoCheck Assured standards – meaning the vehicle has no major issues, such as DMV title brands or odometer rollbacks.

Additional factors from the vehicle’s AutoCheck vehicle history report include accident and emission records; whether the vehicle has ever been repossessed or stolen; whether it is a former taxi, police car, or government vehicle; and whether it was formerly a leased vehicle.