LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – DealerTrack, Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings, Inc., has introducedn InventoryPro, a new inventory management solution for auto dealers.

InventoryPro leverages dealer knowledge and expertise with analytical tools that manage inventory turnover through the use of a dealer’s specific sales history and market data. Resulting recommendations enable dealers to control inventory, stock more vehicles that turn faster, and generate higher gross profits, while disposing of less-profitable vehicles. Additionally, InventoryPro provides dealers inventory appraisal and booking tools, integrating values from Manheim Market Report (MMR), NADA, Black Book, and Kelley Blue Book.

Throughout the year, DealerTrack expects to deploy a series of products and services designed to further enhance dealer inventory, including:

  • Integration with Chrome’s ADS (Automotive Description Service), enabling dealers to deliver more accurate and comprehensive vehicle descriptions.

  • An inventory exchange providing dealers with a single point of access to inventory on a real-time basis from various auctions, including Manheim and a variety of ATC-Onlane hosted wholesale auction Web sites (including ATC Open).

  • Inventory management and analytical tools through InventoryPro.

  • ALG pricing and market data as well as content from Chrome.

    InventoryPro replaces DealerTrack's DealerWire solution, acquired last year, and will be phased out as subscribers are transitioned to the new product at no additional charge, according to the company.