CINCINNAI - Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and provider of data and photo collection, inventory management, and data distribution services, has added Vehicle Videos (VeVos) to its service offerings for its automotive dealer customers.

VeVos utilize Flash technology to create an online "walkaround" video, creating a 30-60-second commercial for individual vehicles, including music and professional voice over audio.

According to Dealer Specialties, in a two-month trial program, the company produced more than 1,000 videos for 100 dealer customers. Online videos were opened more than 11,000 times, or an average of 11-12 opens per video. Results also revealed that when videos were viewed, visitors stayed on the site an average of 25-35-percent longer and click-throughs from corresponding links increased 10-15 percent.

VeVos can be viewed online as part of Dealer Specialties' Vehicle Manager tool, or can be stored on a server and included in targeted e-mail marketing campaigns sent from a CRM.