CHARLESTON, S.C. – As dealer consignment and institutional business continues to grow, the Charleston Auto Auction is in the midst of a three-phased expansion to accommodate more customers and vehicles.

Just completed was Phase I, which includes a new “IF” Sales processing area and dealer lounge, and larger and improved parking areas. According to Owner Keith Lelux, the sale processing area and lounge has increased efficiency on sale day while providing customers with a comfortable place to wait. Additional paved parking has made way for more than 100 spaces for dealer parking and more than 250 spaces for sale units. In addition, the transport area has been completely paved for easier loading and unloading.

Phase 2 of the project includes an expanded lobby area and vehicle registration office. This phase more than triples the existing office space offering easier access for payment arrangements and quicker service. The office expansion includes 75 feet of additional counter space, which results in faster title processing, quicker payments, and improved customer service.

The final phase of the project includes a permanent fourth lane in the auction arena, due to open Feb. 16. A temporary fourth lane was added to Charleston’s Chase to the Race NASCAR sale last year and plans for making the lane permanent were put in place.

“Our fourth lane will enable us to run 800 to 1,000 units weekly,” said Lelux. “We’re marking the grand opening of the lane Feb. 16, with a free breakfast and a $10,000 Late Bird Drawing.”

“We are getting ready to celebrate our sixth anniversary in March as our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the dealers who have continued to support us since our opening in 2001,” said Lelux.