FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – More than 2,600 dealers are now subscribed to RouteOne LLC’s autoValue used-vehicle valuation tool, since the product's launch in late November 2006, according to RouteOne. The autoValue bookout tool is currently integrated with values from the N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide. Implementation with other books is being planned.

autoValue allows provides vehicle values to dealers during RouteOne's online credit application process. The information available to subscribing dealers and lenders currently includes N.A.D.A. values and provides adjustments for mileage and optional accessories. autoValue accommodates all F&I and sales/desking selling processes via dual-entry points: a single screen that allows F&I managers to valuate the vehicle from within the RouteOne credit application, or a standalone utility that provides sales and desking valuation tools, translated into the credit application where necessary, avoiding duplicate entry.

The autoValue product also allows dealers as many automatic lookups, as needed, at no additional cost beyond the monthly subscription fee.