CINCINNATI – Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and a provider of data and photo collection, inventory management, and data distribution services, has joined the Open Secure Access (OSA) coalition. As a member of OSA, Dealer Specialties will develop and support industry data security guidelines, including where vehicle inventory information is transmitted and how third parties use the information.

"Our customers entrust Dealer Specialties with the management of their data and ensuring it reaches the appropriate destinations as intended by our agreements," said George Nenni, President of Dealer Specialties.

As part of its initiative, Dealer Specialties is reviewing standard contract terms required from every third-party vendor or partner that licenses the use of inventory information. Dealer Specialties' standard contracts include language that allows for immediate data feed suspension, and other remedies, for any unauthorized usage. The contract continues to prohibit unauthorized distribution or resale of information.