CINCINNATI - Dealer Specialties, Inc., a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and a provider of inventory management and distribution services, has launched Vehicle Manager, an Internet-based inventory management application that provides auto dealers necessary tools to effectively manage, market, and distribute their vehicle inventory online.

New Vehicle Manager features include:

Inventory Management

  • Access to Administration Tools - dealers or other designated users can now change prices, modify, add, or remove inventory at any time (previously dealers could only change pricing and mark vehicles as 'sold'). Full access keeps dealer inventory current at all times, and each change is automatically updated on all of Dealer Specialties' partner Web sites, including,,, ebay, etc.

  • Automated Inventory Rules - dealers can set up automated ‘rules’ for managing inventory on a per-vehicle basis; i.e. if a car hasn't sold after 90 days (or other preset criteria), a rule can be set up to reduce the price, send the car to ebay for auction, or other options, and the system will automatically implement the changes at the designated time.

  • Price Comparison Tool - allows dealers to stay competitive by selecting any vehicle in their inventory, then running a price comparison to show how competitors within a designated radius price the vehicle type.

  • Moving Inventory - if a car isn't selling in one location a dealer in a group can post it to a sister location, effectively “moving” the vehicle with a single mouse click, as opposed to having to physically transport the vehicle.

  • Categorizing and Sorting Inventories - dealers can categorize used, new, or certified vehicles to see where the majority of their inventory lies. Dealers can also sort inventory by any parameter such as price, color, year, model, or make.

    Inventory Marketing

  • Vehicle Brochures - allows dealers or salespeople to instantly create a three-page, color brochure for individual vehicles. A salesperson can select a vehicle from the inventory screen, access a template, and the system prints out a professional brochure that highlights vehicle features, including photos, dealer branding, contact information, and salesperson photo.

  • Vehicle Videos (VeVos) - utilizes the latest in Flash technology to create a “walkaround” Internet video experience, including music and voice-over; in effect, a 30-60-second commercial for individual vehicles, designed to attract and influence customers.

  • Global Vehicle Marketing Text - allows dealer slogans announcing specials or rebates to be posted with every car, increasing dealer branding and awareness.

  • Web2Print - allows dealers to export online inventory into one of many templates. Web2Print converts the data into a ready-to-print ad that can be sent to a local newspaper or magazine.

    Additionally, the new version of Vehicle Manager has a new, user-friendly interface with improved menu structures, icons, and links for navigation ease. Vehicle Manager is available immediately and is offered in a variety of different package options for dealer needs.