ATLANTA ­­­­– Manheim DRIVE Center hosted its inaugural “Hundred Grander” sale Dec. 12, 2006, featuring more than 35 vehicles from consignors, including Maserati North America and BMW North America, valued at above $100,000 each. More than 45 percent of the vehicles offered at Manheim DRIVE were sold at an average selling price of $120,500.

The sale marked the first time that Manheim hosted units for Maserati North America, which sold eight of 11 vehicles at Manheim DRIVE and the remaining at Manheim’s Atlanta Auto Auction’s Exotic Highline sale held the next day. More than 50 buyers participated via Manheim’s Simulcast, and more than 20 participated in the sale at Manheim DRIVE Center in Stockbridge, Ga.

Manheim DRIVE Center is open to Manheim customers and employees, offering a 180-seat bidding theater, interactive learning labs, and conference and reception amenities. Manheim DRIVE also serves as a testing ground where ideas are exchanged and new tools, technologies, and prototypes are introduced and refined.

The next “Hundred Grander” sale is scheduled for March 13, 2007, at Manheim’s West Palm Beach Auto Auction.