ATLANTA – Manheim has realigned its sales and service teams to create an organization more focused on meeting the changing needs of its customer groups. The realignment is designed to provide more targeted expertise, service, and support to its customers while offering business solutions that meet their individual needs.

The new realignment will benefit key national accounts, factory accounts, mega dealers, regional accounts, and franchise dealers. Nick Peluso, senior vice president of customer relations and strategies, will oversee the new organizational teams, which include factory accounts, account management, and customer strategies. All teams will report directly to Peluso.

The factory accounts group will work directly with Manheim’s large manufacturer customers and affiliates, serving as their primary liaison. The team is responsible for building and maintaining strong customer relationships. The group consists of:

  • Diane Barton, vice president, factory accounts, Ford.

  • Mark Davidson, vice president, factory accounts, DaimlerChrysler.

  • Kevin Freudenberg, vice president, factory accounts, General Motors.

  • Peter Trench, vice president, factory accounts, import accounts.

    Mike McKinney has been appointed vice president of the account management team. The team consists of two groups:

  • Regional accounts will focus on the success of the account base at each operation location. Relationships with customers, including independent dealers and wholesalers, will remain at the operating locations. The regional team will support dealer, factory, and fleet/lease departments at all Manheim locations.

  • National accounts will continue to focus on meeting the needs of customers who have a national impact with Manheim, including fleet, lease, rental, financial, institutions and multipoint dealer groups. This team consists of three groups: Franchise Dealers, Mega Dealers, and National Key Accounts. To focus on the specific needs of the Mega Dealers, Mike Moumousis will continue in this role as vice president, Mega Account Dealers.

    Debbie Conrad has been promoted to senior director of customer strategies. Her team has two areas of focus:

  • Account strategies and initiatives will be led by Jessica Lanier, newly appointed director. The team’s focus is to ensure the other account teams have all tools and resources to operate effectively.

  • Development will be led by Jamie McCollum, director, and Luc Mitchell, manager, national accounts. The team will be responsible for training staff and identifying and implementing key national account team initiatives.