MT. ARLINGTON, N.J. – The International Automotive Remarketers Alliance’s (IARA) Online Remarketing Courses this month reached its 150th-student milestone. The following are testimonials from remarketing professionals who have implemented the course into their company’s training programs:

"We have found the IARA Online Courses to be an invaluable tool in our training program for all, providing a balanced knowledge of all aspects of the remarketing industry and helping our remarketing team attain some of the highest retention levels in our market. At Credit Acceptance, Vehicle Remarketing Services, IARA Online Courses are required for all personnel who are part of the remarketing team. I highly recommend these courses to any business responsible for managing the remarketing process for sale of off-lease, repossessions, or trade-in vehicles. We have found these courses to include a great deal of information that normally takes a few years of experience to attain."

- James Chapman

National Remarketing Manager

Credit Acceptance, Vehicle Remarketing Services (VRS)

Southfield, Mich.

"The IARA successfully gathered the collective intelligence of our industry leaders, mentors, and subject matter experts to develop the IARA Online Education Modules. This transfer of knowledge and industry expertise to those new to the remarketing business will have a profound, lasting impact on the remarketing industry. No single company can offer such an extensive knowledge base in their training programs, which is why we chose to encapsulate the IARA Education Modules into our professional development curriculum."

- Jill M. Tarallo

Network Remarketing & Technologies

Shakopee, Minn.

"If the saying “two heads are better than one” really is true, the IARA Online Courses, which utilize a compilation of the fleet manager’s knowledge and skill sets, is priceless. The program seems to be the perfect fit for those entering the remarketing industry and it is an excellent refresher course for seasoned professionals. Personally, the course enhanced my working knowledge and further defined some ambiguous terms I’ve questioned from time to time. I found the course extremely insightful in the interpretation and explanation of various streams of the industry."

- Laurie Conn

Fleet Lease Disposal

Delray Beach, Fla.