LONG BEACH, CA - Jim Yates, president and CEO of Alliance Inspection Management (AIM) and former director of remarketing for Nissan North America, Inc. from 1998-2005, has joined the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA). Based in Long Beach and with offices in Sedona, Ariz., and Detroit, AIM is a national, independent third-party evaluator of new and used (off-lease/fleet) vehicles.

“AIM's mission is to be a viable option to regional inspection companies, contract (non-employee) inspectors, and auction-based inspection companies," said Yates.

After the formation of AIM, the company immediately acquired AutoComm, a new-vehicle inspections provider established 19 years ago. The purchase was designed to enhance AIM’s market presence, giving it a national footprint with more than 240 locations and 10 offices in Canada.

AIM targets three sub-areas of the used-vehicle inspection market: off-lease (pre-term) vehicle inspections, auction-related inspections, and fleet vehicle inspections. The company plans to expand into remarketing operations, transportation management, and marshalling yard activities.