GARDEN CITY, NY - Nine auto auctions drove away winners in Chase Auto Finance’s 2006 Chase Cup for Auction Excellence Sept. 28.

Manheim’s Greater Nevada Auto Auction won the Chase Cup top honors for Best National Auction Performance. The auto auction also received Chase Cups for Best National Performance for Highlines and Best Western Region Performance in Lease Returns. General Manager Tim Donohue and Fleet/Lease Manager Steve Harmon accepted the awards during the National Auto Auction Association’s (NAAA) 58th annual convention in Orlando, Fla.

The Chase Cup recognizes exceptional performance in retention, efficiency, expenses, accuracy, sales, operations, and service delivery. It carries on the tradition of “The One Award” created in 1999 by Chase’s predecessor Bank One.

Chase Auto Finance based its awards on the performance of 35 of the nation’s top auto auction houses between August 2005 and July 2006. Chase judges their performance based on objective criteria, including how well auctions handle sales and invoice processing, transport requests, and title processing.

Chase Auto Finance also presented national awards to Manheim Auto Auction, based in Manheim, Pa., for Best Internet Live Auction Penetration, Manheim’s Greater Auto Auction of Phoenix for Best Service Delivery, and Manheim’s National Auto Dealers Exchange for Best Internet Listing Volume.

The regional 2006 winners are:

ADESA Kansas City Auto Auction

  • Best Performance, Lease Returns, Central Region

    Manheim’s Minneapolis Auto Auction

  • Best Performance, Lease Returns, Midwestern Region

  • Best Performance, Repossessions, Midwestern Region

    Manheim Auto Auction

  • Best Performance, Lease Returns, Northeastern Region

  • Best Performance, Repossessions, Northeastern Region

    ADESA Tulsa Auto Auction

  • Best Performance, Repossessions, Central Region

    Manheim’s Atlanta Auto Auction

  • Best Performance, Lease Returns, Southeastern Region

  • Best Performance, Repossessions, Southeastern Region

    Manheim’s South Seattle Auto Auction

  • Best Performance, Repossessions, Western Region

    Back row (L-R): Joe Cruz, Manheim’s National Auto Dealers Exchange; Gary Gilley and Brian Gildehaus, ADESA Tulsa; Tim Donohue and Steve Harmon, Manheim’s Greater Nevada Auto Auction; Harold Chapman and Kim Cook, ADESA Kansas City; Steve Robinson, Manheim’s Atlanta Auto Auction; Bryan Allison, Manheim Auto Auction.

    Front row (L-R): Jim Randazzo and Brent Huisman, ADESA Corp.; George Powell, Manheim’s South Seattle Auto Auction; Jon Eisenmann and Tony Manwarren, Manheim’s Minneapolis Auto Auction; Keith Williams, Patsy Staub, Ed Howe, Mark Pester, and Nancy Brosey, Manheim Auto Auction.