MINNEAPOLIS – Network Remarketing & Technologies (NRT) combines the NRT technology and remarketing services with the physical auction providing a new “upstream channel” for the sale of American Honda Finance Corp. vehicles en route to physical auctions to an open dealer audience. The program, known as HF iLane One, leverages NRT's Autoport remarketing technology and dealer services group to provide a Web-enabled viewing and sales environment affording dealers access to thousands of HF vehicles at a “buy-now” price.

“HF iLane One, set to launch October 9, is designed to sell vehicles across the U.S. “upstream” to an open dealer audience, without slowing the remarketing process. NRT will receive HF inventory which are posted to the HF iLane One marketplace on the NRT Web site, thus, providing all NRT dealers an opportunity to purchase the vehicles as they progress through the cycle and to HF designated physical auctions,” said Colette Marcilliat, NRT executive vice-president. “Our dealer services team will drive the sales and marketing of the vehicles throughout the 5-7-day window, while the auctions will provide payment options, collection of funds, title transfer, and coordinate vehicle release. Any vehicles that remain unsold through HF iLane One will be prepared for sale and sold in the physical auction lanes,” continued Marcilliat.