MENLO PARK, CA – ATC-Onlane, Inc., an online auction company for automotive dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles, announced that Honda Auto Finance and Arelco, a National Alamo licensee, have become new sellers on ATC-Onlane’s full-service online marketplace, ATC Open ( In addition, the company unveiled a new transportation feature for dealers to transport any vehicle. With this new capability, buyers will receive an instant price quote and delivery time on any vehicle.

ATC Open offers dealers access to vehicles before they are generally available at physical auction lanes. While Honda has had a long history with ATC-Onlane for its closed remarketing program, the company is now turning to ATC Open to offer its inventory to a nationwide audience of buyers. In addition, Arelco, a National Alamo licensee and new ATC customer, will use the wholesale online auction to sell vehicles from its rental fleet. Furthermore, Arelco will leverage ATC Open to sell wholesale units after running them through its reconditioning center.

With ATC Open’s new transportation feature, dealers will get an instant price quote and estimated delivery time by inputting the ZIP codes where the car is to be picked up and delivered. The new transportation capability is the latest feature in ATC-Onlane’s suite of tools and services tailored to dealers, such as detailed third-party vehicle condition reports, high-resolution photos of cars, vehicle history reports, title and payment insurance, and fair arbitration policies. In addition, ATC Open also provides post-sale services, such as title and payment processing.

“ATC Open has seen significant traction over the past few months,” said Mark Jensen, senior vice president and COO, ATC-Onlane. “ATC Open was designed specifically to increase dealer confidence in using online auto auctions as a purchase channel and to ensure transactions on ATC Open are fair and accurate.”

In addition to the increase in the number of sellers taking advantage of ATC Open, ATC-Onlane is also experiencing momentum with its program for dealer-to-dealer online auctions called iDEAL (Inter-Dealer Electronic Auction Lane). iDEAL allows any licensed U.S. dealer to list inventory for sale to a nationwide network of dealers in order to free up retail space, turn units faster, and make better use of capital.

“iDEAL provides us with great access to vehicles nationwide before they are sent to physical auction,” said Randy Crase, owner, Crase Auto Connection Inc., an automotive dealership based in Channahon, Ill. “The program is a convenient way to wholesale aged and trade-in inventory – without needing to physically move it and eliminating the costs, fees, time and effort normally associated with disposing of these vehicles.”