ATLANTA – Manheim’s inventory optimization tool, Manheim POINT, has introduced Black Book vehicle values to existing vehicle valuations.

Access to Black Book data now comes integrated with every Manheim POINT subscription, joining the Manheim Market Report (MMR) to give dealers a combination of valuation tools that can help improve dealer profits. Recently, valuations from the N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide were also integrated to Manheim POINT, providing an appraisal and inventory valuation tool for car dealers.

Manheim POINT has steadily rolled out enhancements including several improvements, such as enhanced market data, which allows dealers to compare their used-vehicle results to dealers within their geographical location, and multi-store capability, which allows subscribers with multiple franchise locations to manage inventory across stores simultaneously rather than location-by-location.

In addition, dealer groups can offer vehicles for sale within their group before opting for other sales venues, and Manheim POINT customers can send multiple vehicles through various sales channels, enhancing the visibility of the dealer’s inventory.