ALEXANDRIA, VA – Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) and MRO Software, have expanded their 10-year alliance. As part of the partnership, MRO Software’s Maximo Enterprise Suite (MXES) platform has been selected as the centerpiece of a market-focused solution being designed by Total Resource Management to manage the performance of diverse government asset portfolios.

Total Resource Management is an Integrated Asset Management (IAM) company, providing consulting and technology services with an emphasis, to date, on the public sector. MRO Software’s MXES was selected by Total Resource Management as the preferred Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform for its public sector solution because it offers the most powerful combination of functionality, flexibility, and scalability. Additionally, information about physical assets can be displayed geographically and key performance metrics about asset performance can be tracked.

State and local governments continuously face the challenge of managing a wide range of assets as they strive to satisfy increasing demands from their constituents. To better serve this market, MRO Software and Total Resource Management consultants will leverage a series of government-focused applications upon MRO Software’s web-based MXES. These application extensions address construction, capital planning and estimating, 311/citizen response services, permitting, facility condition assessment, and maintenance prioritization. Users can also create spatial or GIS displays of asset information and track asset performance using key performance metrics. This solution can deliver a solution for jurisdictions of virtually any size.