ATLANTA – Ft. Worth Vehicle Auction, in Fort Worth, Texas, recently named Patrick Gutridge to lead the auction facility’s heavy-duty truck sales and operational efforts.

Gutridge came to Manheim in October 2005 as an auction trainee. In January 2006, the position in the trucks department became available and Gutridge transitioned into that role. Prior to joining Manheim, Gutridge was self-employed and worked as a consultant in the truck industry. Gutridge has more than 26 years of experience in the truck industry.

Ft. Worth Vehicle Auction is a 41-acre facility with six lanes, one of which is devoted to trucks. Truck sales are held the third Friday of every month and are only open dealers. Ft. Worth sells more than 100 medium- and heavy-duty trucks on average each month. Many dealers participate in the truck sales via Manheim Simulcast.

Ft. Worth has hosted truck sales for more than five years and has large contracts with Budget, GE, Enterprise, and Lowe’s.