ALPHARETTA, GA - DataScan Field Services (DFS), a floorplan audit and vehicle inspection company, has acquired Manders Appraisal and Groupe Quadrex vehicle inspection companies with offices located in Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec.

Manders Appraisal and Groupe Quadrex, operating as one company, provide inspection services in Canada on a national basis. Utilizing a field network of more than 100 field specialists, Manders and Quadrex provide off-lease, mechanical, and collision damage inspections to over 40 clients.

With DFS' recent expansion into the Canadian market, the acquisition of Manders and Quadrex will support the company's efforts to meet current client demands and provide increased business opportunities in Canada. The acquisition will also allow DFS to expand their product offering, becoming the single source of audit and inspection solutions in the U.S. and Canada.