ATLANTA – Manheim’s Total Resource Auctions has added three new TRA locations at Baltimore-Washington Auto Exchange (BWAE), Newburgh Auto Auction in Newburgh, N.Y., and Skyline Auto Auction in Fairfield, N.J.

BWAE held its first TRA sale May 23 and has averaged 50 vehicles per sale, with hopes to eventually increase sales up to 300 vehicles per week. The Baltimore-Washington Auto Exchange is centrally located to serve customers in both Baltimore and Washington and is located off of I-95 in Elkridge, Md.

Sal Cuomo, assistant general manager at BWAE, will head up the TRA department. Cuomo has been with Manheim for more than 11 years and has been with BWAE for almost two years.

BWAE TRA sales are held every Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. in a building entirely devoted to the salvage vehicles. The building is located off the facility’s main road with a special-access parking lot. TRA BWAE serves customers such as Ford, GM, Capitol One, Enterprise, and Dollar Thrifty, and also offers dealer consignment vehicles.

Newburgh Auto Auction will hold TRA sales every Wednesday at 9 a.m. Newburgh runs 30 to 50 salvage units at each sale, but auction general manager Joe Migneco expects sales to double over the next few months. TRA sales are housed at Newburgh’s former 58-acre, eight-lane auction location where approximately half of the facility is dedicated to TRA.

Newburgh’s former location also houses rental companies and insurance companies. The goal is to make it a one-stop shop where units may be taken to be appraised for damage, fixed in the body shop, or offered in a salvage sale. Migneco said that the plan is for the facility to house insurance companies, appraisers and rental agencies.

Dawn Moss will be the TRA manager at Newburgh. Prior to joining Newburgh in January, Moss worked at ADESA Impact for more than five years in many different capacities of the salvage auction business.

Newburgh currently receives salvage units from Ford, CitiFinancial, Enterprise, HSBC, and M&T.

Skyline Auto Auction in Fairfield N.J., holds TRA sales every other Thursday afternoon, averaging 110 units per sale, and has a number of accounts on the horizon that will provide vehicles for the sale.

Tom Bergeron, with experience in operations management and logistics, manages Skyline’s TRA team. With its prime location 21 miles west of New York City and close proximity to the major airports, ports, and other transportation resources in the area, Skyline has become a preferred stop for nationwide customers and international buyers.

Skyline’s TRA sales serve high volume sellers such as Enterprise, Wheels, Dollar Rent-A-Car, Valley National Bank, fleet and lease customers, and an increasing number of consignment dealers.

With the addition of BWAE, Newburgh Auto Auction and Skyline Auto Auction, there are now a total of 25 TRA locations.

TRA allows buyers and sellers to securely exchange damaged, inoperative and salvage vehicles through Manheim’s TRA locations and Web-based products, including Simulcast.