ATLANTA – Through Agrios, Inc.’s Automated Vehicle Imaging and Data Collection Unit, the company can automatically capture high-quality digital images of vehicles from almost any location. These images can be used for creating listings for auctions or online remarketing portals, verifying vehicle condition upon return from lease or rental, and for managing and certifying insurance claims.

The Automated Vehicle Imaging and Data Collection Unit is a completely integrated system designed specifically for the purpose of creating vehicle images in a self-contained environment, capable of being delivered to remote locations with limited space, such as dealership lots, mall parking areas, and fleet marshalling yards.

The Automated Vehicle Imaging and Data Collection Unit is a fully automated drive-through photo studio for automobiles or other vehicles. Inside the patent pending field unit, studio quality lighting and uniform background enable quick creation of high-quality digital images that can be used for remarketing or damage identification purposes. The multiple imaging devices are computer controlled and capture images of the vehicle from many angles simultaneously, reducing process time required for each vehicle. The total time to drive the vehicle in, record images and drive the vehicle out is under 20 seconds. The vehicle stop-time can be as little as one second.

The unit can be configured with an automated control system for use by auctions, automobile dealers, leasing companies, and insurance claims adjusters. The unit is also available with a consumer kiosk that can accept credit cards for use in the for-sale-by-owner marketplace, which can also be served from dealership lots. "This not only helps satisfy an under served non-technical FSBO public, but also helps drive up the target market foot traffic on the dealership lots where an Agrios unit is installed, which offer dealerships an immense ROI," commented Sean Webb, Agrios CEO.