MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services has launched a fully integrated upstream remarketing solution, Click, with Onlane Canada Inc., a Canadian Internet remarketing services company.

Click allows dealers to notify GE about off-lease vehicles via the Internet while also enabling them to view, select, and purchase vehicles online. The entire Click process takes place within a 4-5-day cycle and the off-lease vehicles are sold via the Internet from the grounding location to dealers across Canada.

GE launched the program in Ontario and to date have sold more than 1,000 vehicles through Click to Onlane buyers across the country. Almost half of the vehicles in Ontario were sold to buyers in other provinces, with many being shipped to Western retail markets. Internet remarketing programs operated by Onlane provide savings in transport and travel costs for sellers and buyers relative to traditional auction processes. Having national participation helps ensure that the right buyer is matched with the right vehicle, maximizing resale values for GE customers. GE and Onlane also announced expansion of the Click program among dealers in Quebec as of this month.

Click is a trademark of GE Vehicle and Equipment Leasing.