ATLANTA – Kevin Freudenberg and Joann McKay have been promoted to new positions in Manheim’s customer relations and strategies department with General Motors.

Freudenberg is now Manheim’s vice president, customer relations and strategies, GM, and will report directly to Nick Peluso, senior vice president, customer relations and strategies. In this role Freudenberg is responsible for the day-to-day management of Manheim’s relationship with GM and GM-affiliated companies, also serving as the corporate liaison with the auctions and GM. This includes implementing programs that Manheim initiates as well as working with the auctions to ensure all General Motors initiatives and policies are followed.

Prior to joining the customer relations and strategies department, Freudenberg served as vice president of the paint division at Dent Wizard since 2003. He began his career in the auction business at Car Brite in 1992 where he was the vice president, auction division.

McKay’s new position is executive director, customer relations and strategies, GM. She will report to Freudenberg and Peluso and be responsible for auction operations for GM and its affiliated companies. She has worked within the Manheim family for more than 17 years, including recent roles with the customer relations and strategies department. She previously served as general manager of the Baltimore-Washington Auto Exchange and started in the auction business as fleet/lease manager at Baltimore-Washington in 1989.