ATLANTA – Remarketing Solutions, a Nashville, Tenn.-based Manheim subsidiary company providing vehicle inspection, title, transport, recovery, and other remarketing services, is making a change to its name.

“Remarketing Solutions has developed a unique group of services over the past several years, and the different areas of expertise within that group have become integral to our customers’ remarketing strategies,” said Mark Brunn, vice president of vehicle management businesses for Manheim. “As we consider enhancements to the services we are providing, we believe it is time to remove the Remarketing Solutions brand and let each of its business units operate as individualized services.”

The businesses that have operated as part of Remarketing Solutions – Auction Solution, Inspection Solution, Recovery Solution, Title Solution, and Transport Solution – will continue to operate as separate entities. Remarketing Solutions will no longer function as an umbrella company and the Auction Solution business, which sells cars for portfolio management customers, will continue to offer vehicles under the brand of Remarketing Solution.

Brunn, who has served as vice president and general manager of the company since 2002, said all of the business units will continue to market their services as standalone offerings with the flexibility to continue doing business with all auctions and remarketing channels. He added that no staffing changes are planned for any of the business units, and employees will continue to work out of the Nashville office.

“From our customers’ perspectives, their points of contact won’t change,” Brunn said. “Nothing will change except that the name of the umbrella organization will no longer be used.”

The leadership teams for each business unit are also in place. The units will be led by:

Manheim Inspection Solution

Pam Mabry-Cadigan, vice president, inspection operations

Janet Hendrixson, general manager

Manheim Recovery Solution

Phil Hanks, general manager

Title Solution

Paul Magill, general manager

Manheim Transport Solution

Brett Franklin, general manager

Remarketing Solution (formerly Auction Solution):

Paul Magill, general manager