ATLANTA – Subscribers to Manheim’s inventory optimization tool, Manheim POINT, will now benefit from a series of enhancements to the product, said Manheim POINT Vice President and General Manager Charles Williams.

As of April 4, Manheim POINT has added features, many of which are the result of suggestions by Manheim’s dealer customers.

Among the new features:

  • Enhanced Market Data: Manheim POINT allows dealers to compare their results to those of similar dealers in their marketplace. Version 2.0 builds on its market data by adding the capability to let dealers compare their results to other dealers in their geographical area.

  • Multi-Store Access: Subscribers with multiple franchise locations can now manage inventory across stores simultaneously rather than location-by-location.

  • Private Exchange: Dealer groups can offer vehicles for sale within their group before opting for other sales venues or physical auctions.

  • Multiple Vehicles/Multiple Channels: Manheim POINT customers can send multiple vehicles through various sales channels as a group, rather than individually.

    Manheim POINT gives dealers up-to-date data based on a dealer’s own wholesale and retail transactions (linking directly to a dealer’s DMS system and those of other dealers nationwide, allowing dealers to make more informed appraisals and buying and selling decisions and to implement those decisions immediately.

    Manheim POINT provides daily market information from Manheim Market Report to help dealers make informed buying and selling decisions. Manheim POINT also provides the platform to execute those decisions by linking directly to Manheim’s online sales venues.