FAIRFAX, VA – Carfax has launched a new advertising campaign encouraging used-car buyers to look for Carfax Vehicle History Reports wherever they shop for cars.

Over the past year, Carfax helped its subscribing dealers increase their business. Instant access to free Carfax Vehicle History Reports on sites such as AutoTrader.com and cars.com enhances a dealer’s online listings and generates more consumer traffic. Carfax-subscribing dealers can also build consumer confidence with potential buyers by using free marketing materials to promote their relationship with Carfax.

“We’re really picking up the pace this year in light of the devastating floods and the growing demand for vehicle history information,” Gamache continued. “We already have major product improvements that we’ll be unveiling in the coming weeks.

The new campaign reinforces the fact that Carfax Vehicle History Reports are an essential tool for dealers in their sales process. Carfax Vehicle History Reports help both dealers and consumers avoid used cars with costly hidden problems such as damage from a fire, flood or major accident. Providing this information up front helps build consumer confidence and allows potential buyers to make better, more informed decisions.

The new ads will run on numerous cable stations nationwide and are available for viewing at www.carfax.com/about/ads/ads.cfm.