has selected F5 Networks, Inc.’s, WANJet for bandwidth expansion and to improve e-mail attachment download and application response times over the WAN (wide area network). F5 Networks is an application delivery networking company based in Seattle. WANJet is an appliance-based solution designed to accelerate file transfer, e-mail, client-server applications, and data replication, to deliver fast, predictable, LAN-like application performance for all users of the WAN.

Deploying F5’s WANJet has enabled to address application response time issues affecting employee productivity. For example, it would take up to a minute for remote site users to download e-mail attachments with the company’s previous solution. Additionally, the company needed to improve file-sharing performance and response times for internal employees accessing sales and CRM applications.

“WANJet is a comprehensive solution that meets all our requirements for handling e-mail attachments, HTTP applications and file sharing and has given us a 73 percent gain in bandwidth utilization,” said Eric Blue, network and security manager for “Within a couple of days of deployment, access speed improved dramatically and there was a big change in user perception. Employees can now efficiently access and share the information they need to do their jobs.”

The WAN environment is a fully redundant network comprising seven regional offices connected to the headquarters in Atlanta, via dual-frame relay connections.