ANDERSON, S.C. – Remarketing Services of America (RSA) recently recognized Carolina Auto Auction as its Top Performing Auction for 2005.

Carolina was ranked No. 1 in the nation by RSA’s National Quality Control Program (NQCP), which annually tracks vehicle auction effectiveness and performance. The NQCP ranks auctions utilizing a rating system that includes sales effectiveness, operational effectiveness, marketing, and on-site preparation.

Carolina moved into first place in 2005 after placing second overall in 2004 and third in 2003.

RSA’s Craig Carrow, Tom Pietras, and Megan Haily presented the award at a dinner Feb. 8.

L-R: Bill Vaughan, Craig Carrow (RSA), Eric Autenrieth, Patti Stanley, Henry Stanley, Megan Hailey (RSA), Sal Terranova, Marsu Parks, Paul Jean, and Tom Pietras (RSA).