NORTHBROOK, IL – Donlen Corporation has enhanced the imaging capabilities of its FleetWeb Accident Management center, enabling customers to more effectively monitor the entire accident resolution process.

FleetWeb, Donlen’s online fleet management program, has given fleet managers instant and easy access to all documents related to accident management, including accident, loss and condition reports, photographs, appraisals, claims developments, subrogation status, and recovery invoices. But the latest programming improvements provide expanded document imaging capabilities, giving customers greater control as they track the accident management process.

The enhancements enable customers to view thumbnails of each document by placing the cursor over the image icon, and they can now e-mail or fax any image directly from the system at the click of a button. The programming produces better-quality PDF images, and allows the user to enlarge, shrink, or move them for better viewing.

“By archiving each document in the accident resolution process, Donlen gives fleet managers a complete and accurate record of the incident,” according to Rich Satzke, Accident Management Supervisor for Donlen. “If we increase the capabilities of the imaging system, then we improve the quality of the information they receive, giving them better control over their drivers and vehicles.”

The FleetWeb Accident Management center catalogs every step of the process from accident to recovery, providing both Donlen’s I-CAR Gold Class Professionals and our customers with the information they need to quickly resolve each situation.